Dead Heading

by Outdone

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released March 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Outdone Salinas, California

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Track Name: Ghost Notes/Outline
The only time
I ever get the right
Kind of mind
To write every
Self indulgent tortured line
Is when I'm quiet
Is when I lie
Alone and fucking out of it
Failing to get some sleep at night
Wake up
Feel sick
Its starting again
But you're gonna have to deal with it
I leave my house
With my stomach in knots
You can blame it all on confidence
That I don't have
I don't show what I feel
I don't think anyone does
I don't think people trust the world enough
I can't blame them
I don't think my opinion matters
I'll just go home and sleep
The cycle repeats
Track Name: The Art of Attraction
Mirror mirror on the pavement
Can you tell me where the last 7 years went?
All the changes
In my reflection
The luck I never had, had let me to expect them
Dark circles
Deep eyes
Late nights
And borrowed time
Mirror mirror on the pavement
Can you tell me where the next 7 years will lead me?
Im circling the drain
Lady luck, why don't you love me?
I'd be your solitary king of bad timing
I'd pick you roses from my body
And sleep alone until the hours that you find me
With dark circles
On deep eyes
Begging to borrow time
If I could touch your sweet hand for a bit
And just bask in the glow
of your warm radiance
Then, then maybe my time here wouldn't seem so bad
Track Name: Dead Heading
A place in the sun is for me out of reach
Please burn all the things in my way of seeing
You left me like this so you are my disease
And sow every seed miles from where I will be
No place in the sun for me
Maim the golden days
With the promise of hazy memories
Sow the problems of my youth
With a garden of you
Fall asleep under the soil
What kind of flower blooms
In this
Place with no sun
My place is here under this black sun
I grow alone and angry
What kind of flower blooms
Alone in dark rooms
Who knows, who cares
I keep it to myself
Haziness maims the golden days
Black sun, I am your legacy
Growing in dark heat
Track Name: Bloom
Flowers grow from shit
My stomachs full of roses
And my knees are grinding thin
The awful things I self inflict
Make it possible to live
I'm selfish and upset
And I can't handle the frustrations that I find inside my head
My eyes are glowing red
You say to see the brighter side
That don't make any sense
I'm always fucking sick
I deserve to rot to death from everything I'm holding in
Self pity is a bitch
My comfort comes from knowing that everyone's ground caves in
Fuck the beauty I'm supposed to see
All flowers smell like piss to me