I Am Alone

by Outdone

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Recorded and mixed by the one and only Dread Master Heath


released May 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Outdone Salinas, California

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Track Name: Give Me A Minute
I'm tired of holding all this shit inside my head
Been holding on so long I'm fucking done
Biting down so hard my tongue is numb

And I can't stop the blood
Watch me spill my guts
Trying to put all of these thoughts
On to a fucking piece of paper

I'll burn my testament holding on to all these piece of shit excuses I call friends
With what's little, what's left, of my backbone
Rest in pieces to my dignity
I've lost all self respect.
Track Name: Downward
Friends gone, loves lost
But still time marches on
If you can't move forward you'll be left in the past

Its like you are just a grain of the sand
In the hour glass
you can't turn back

The hour glass won't turn back

I've made mistakes and stayed awake 40 hours straight
Writing down all the words that describe my pain

Give me a minute
To get this out of my head
I'm looking forward, I'm moving forward
But living like I'm dead

Sit and stare at the page
Where my thoughts all bleed onto
I stare at my grave

I don't understand the reason
I don't understand my strife
I don't understand the passing of time
I don't understand my life
Track Name: Cold Air
I just keep running away
From things that are too hard for me to face
Does that make me the coward that I hate?
I can't run fast enough, far enough away from this place

I keep running away from the things I can't face

I can't think
I can't handle this man
I'd rather step out in the night
And run as fast as I can
Until the air freezes over the lungs in my chest
Until the pain that I'm feeling is out of my head

Track Name: Drift
"How many times a day do you drift away?"

I'm lost in the sky
My heads not right
I tell pretty lies

I'm lost in my mind
My love is blind
I see through dead eyes
Track Name: ED/BT
Endless dreams of broken teeth
I am my own worst enemy
Its not in you, its within me
Endless dreams of broken teeth

Find me a reason to love this skin
To not hate the man that I know I am
If I try and I fail, please just look away

Look away from the failure I'm becoming

All I need is room to breathe
All I need is out of reach
Just one night of peaceful sleep

Endless dreams of broken teeth.
Track Name: A Long Life
The same old fucking place again
The better days have come and left
Is this the bottom of the glass?
Am I just growing up too fast?

When will I catch my breath?

They said that I would turn out just fine
But I just can't help myself to think
Has this all been just a waste of time?

Long live the days when I would open up my eyes and not be greeted by empty space

Long live the man who won't let go of empty promises

Long live the pain

And so death looks to me and says
"What are you here for kid?
There's nothing left."

I feel myself forgotten
But I'm still holding on
To everything that I have lost

And I can feel the bones shake beneath my skin
The sands of time surround me and pull me in
Drowning on my memories
All I have are memories
All I have is a memory of this

Where did all my loved ones go?
Where am I now?
I am alone.